10 Essential Tips for Using Umbrellas

Rainy days can be fun and exciting with the right gear, and a stylish, sturdy umbrella is a must-have. Whether your child loves the whimsical Mermaid Umbrella or the adventurous Fireman Umbrella, Kidorable has an umbrella for every personality. Here are ten essential tips for using umbrellas to make rainy days more enjoyable and safe for your little ones.

1. Choose the Right Size

Ensure the umbrella is the right size for your child. A smaller umbrella like the Kidorable Bear Umbrella is perfect for little hands to manage. It provides ample coverage without being too heavy or cumbersome.

2. Teach Proper Opening and Closing

Show your child how to properly open and close their umbrella to avoid pinched fingers. With the easy-to-use mechanisms on the Kidorable Panda Umbrella, your child can learn quickly and safely.

3. Use in Open Spaces

Encourage your child to use their umbrella in open spaces to avoid bumping into others. The whimsical design of the Kidorable Bee Umbrella makes it a delightful companion for walks in the park or to school.

4. Hold It Correctly

Teach your child to hold the umbrella upright, with the handle at waist height, to maximize coverage and prevent the wind from catching it. The ergonomic handle of the Kidorable Mermaid Umbrella ensures a comfortable grip.

5. Mind the Wind

Advise your child to be cautious on windy days, as strong gusts can turn umbrellas inside out. The sturdy construction of the Kidorable Fireman Umbrella helps it withstand blustery weather, but it's always best to use caution.

6. Drying Properly

After use, teach your child to shake off excess water and leave the umbrella open to dry. This prevents mold and extends the life of their favorite umbrella, like the adorable Kidorable Bear Umbrella.

7. Store Safely

Store the umbrella in a safe, accessible place when not in use. Having a designated spot for their Kidorable Panda Umbrella helps your child remember where it is and keeps it in good condition.

8. Personalize It

Adding your child’s name to their umbrella can prevent mix-ups at school or playdates. Personalizing the Kidorable Bee Umbrella makes it uniquely theirs and easily identifiable.

9. Match with Rain Gear

Coordinate the umbrella with matching rain boots and coats for a complete look. The Kidorable Mermaid Umbrella pairs perfectly with other mermaid-themed rain gear, making rainy days a fashion statement.

10. Practice Safety

Remind your child to be mindful of their surroundings when using an umbrella. With the eye-catching design of the Kidorable Fireman Umbrella, your child will be visible to others, enhancing safety.

Kidorable umbrellas are not just functional but also fun and fashionable. Whether it’s the enchanting Mermaid Umbrella, the cute Bear Umbrella, the heroic Fireman Umbrella, the playful Panda Umbrella, or the buzzing Bee Umbrella, there’s a perfect umbrella for every child. Follow these essential tips to ensure your child uses their umbrella safely and enjoys every rainy day adventure. Explore our collection today and make rainy days brighter with Kidorable!

Tips for Using Umbrellas
  • Jun 20, 2024
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