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Become a Retailer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Kidorable retailer. We sincerely hope that selling Kidorable will be one of the most enjoyable and profitable parts of your day.

Speak with a sales representative:
phone: (800) 422-9516

Sales Programs

Our Comprehensive Sales Programs combine our best selling lines and styles into an easy incentive package. They were conceived to specifically address the most common retailer objections:

  • I want better pricing.
  • I don't pay for merchandising units.
  • I don't have cash right now.
  • I want additional dating.
  • All these sizes and styles are too complicated.
  • Will you take it back if it doesn't sell?

These programs make it possible for you to run more efficient departments that require less effort by selling complete, cross-merchandised, ensembles that will generate strong multiple selling opportunities and fantastic ROI.


4 styles, 4 lines
$1500 order
5% discount
Free display
Initial Order Net 90
Ongoing Net 30 terms
Retailer Protection
AMVR: $2000


8 styles, 4 lines
$2500 order
7.5% discount
2 Free displays
Initial Order Net 90
Ongoing Net 60 terms
Retailer Protection
AMVR: $3000


10 styles, 4 lines
$3500 order
10% discount
3 Free displays
Initial Order Net 90
Ongoing Net 60 terms
Retailer Protection
AMVR: $4000

Sales Volume Drive Discount Program
  • $2000 open order
  • 5% discount
  • $3500 open order
  • 8% discount
Always in Stock Drop Ship Program

Now sell every item in the Kidorable catalog without having to invest in any additional inventory or floor space.

  • 50% Off Retail Pricing
  • $10.00 Flat Rate Shipping

Start by calling our office at (800) 422-9516

We'll set up your Drop Ship account. Simply place a customer's order online. Orders will ship within 2 business days or sooner.

Terms & Conditions

We value and appreciate your business! In order to serve you better, please read these terms and conditions of sale. Our helpful staff would love to answer any questions you may have.


Our preferred terms are credit card or COD. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Credit card payments received after the time of shipment are subject to a 2% penalty. We are happy to give terms of Net 30 after approving a complete Kidorable credit application. Credit must be approved prior to shipping. If you have your own credit sheet, please just fill in your name and sign our application plus whatever information is not already included on your credit sheet.

Programs and discounts

Retailers receiving benefits and discounts from our Sales Programs need to achieve minimum annual volume requirements (AMVR) to qualify for renewal of program terms of sale each calendar year.

Late payment

Late payment of your invoices could affect the shipment of future orders. A 1.5% monthly finance charge may be applied to past due invoices.


Most orders ship within 2 days after approving credit. Some even ship sooner than that. Unless you request otherwise, all orders ship standard UPS Ground. UPS standard freight charges are added to the product invoice.

Minimum orders

Our minimum opening order is $350. Minimum reorders are just $100. There are no minimums per size or style. A $30 under minimum fee will be added to any reorder less than $100.

Returns and credits

Kidorable accepts returns on any merchandise for any reason within 7 days of delivery. A 15% restocking fee will be charged for any merchandise not in its original packaging and condition. Returns after 7 days are available for defective merchandise or guaranteed merchandise only. All returns must first be authorized by Kidorable. Please report any defects within 7 days of discovery. If Kidorable is not at fault, you will be responsible for round trip shipping charges.

Retail location approval

Kidorable must approve all retail locations. Please notify us immediately if you plan to sell Kidorable from any location other than your shipping address, especially if you have multiple retail locations.

All internet retailers must be approved by Kidorable and sign the Kidorable Internet Retailer Agreement.

Retailer Testimonials

"Fireworks does amazingly well with Kidorable raincoats, boots umbrellas and backpacks. Customers smile and, without hesitation, pick up a piece. Who doesn't know a child who would want a ladybug, frog, dinosaur or flower accessory."
- Fireworks Gallery,

"We have had the Kidorable line in our store for about four years. All the items are not only cute but very functional and durable. The display is very attractive in our family shoe store. We find these items are often purchased by grandparents. In the last few weeks, we have added the t-shirts and sun hats."
- Tilton & Sons Shoes

"Umbrellas, they are popular even in a drought! Kids are just so attracted to them that parents can't seem to say no."
- Melissa Boggan, Children's Museum of Atlanta

"They are fun and children love their boots. If it rains at Halloween you have a built in costume."
- Jeanne Trewhitte, A Child's Garden Boutique

"Kidorable is one of best selling items at our store. The adorable products sell themselves! And best of all, they are one of the easiest companies to work with. They are very accommodating to our needs and always quick to 'make it right'. Because of this, it helps us look good with our customers as well! I can't say enough good things about their products and the service we receive!"
- Kelly Thompson Baby Mac Gifts, LLC

"It has been a pleasure working with Kidorable for the past 6 years. In 2006, I started my relationship with Kidorable by carrying a couple of styles of umbrellas and boots. They became very popular with my customers and Kidorable worked with me to expand my selection with the display program. I was able to dramatically increase sales.

I have a relatively small store with no room for backstock but Kidorable makes it easy to reorder often. The reps are very accommodating and efficient. After submitting an order, I receive a response from my rep (currently Diana Krstevski) with an order confirmation right away, and the order usually ships out the next day. This enables me to offer my customers any item in the line they request.

  I appreciate the attention we receive from Kidorable by being a Priority 1 retailer (and also appreciate the discount). Kidorable has consistently been one of our best selling lines, year round. I appreciate the attentiveness from the rep, to the customer service, to the efficient turn around."
- Rebecca Wood, Enjoy, An Urban General Store

"Kidorable is by far the friendliest, easiest company to work with. I can always count on getting great advice on best selling products and new, creative ways to market. We also absolutely love to use the Kidorable lines in our window displays. They really pop....and generate a lot of walk-in traffic for us!"
- Candi Sexton, Banoodles Children's Boutique

"Kidorable has created not only a remarkable, quality product in craftsmanship and detail that customers rave about, but also a team of efficient and helpful staff.  My questions are always answered in a timely manner, I am kept "in the loop" with emails and my orders are shipped at lightening speed.  I have been very pleased to work with Kidorable in all aspects of business!"
- Lana,

Online Retailer Application & Agreement

Please tell us about your internet retail business:

Web address:
Date started:

If you opperate a retail store in conjunction with your site please submit the address:

Store Name:
Street address:

Which of these best describe your place of internet operations?

An office and warehouse dedicated solely to your internet retail business.
A home office and warehouse
Same as your retail store

Which of these best describe your place of internet operations?

Is your internet retail site located on Ebay?



Do you currently sell on Amazon? Yes No

List and other business names you opperate under:

Please describe your target market:

What types of products do you carry?

What are your main competitive advantages?

Who are your main competitors?

What are your competitors strengths and weaknesses?

Why would a consumer choose to purchase from your online retail site instead of one of your competitors?

Online Retailer Agreement

  1. Images must be at least 250 pixels on longest dimension. Thumbnails must be at least 100 pixels. Images should be official Kidorable photography unless otherwise agreed upon.
  2. Conform with good business practices and all FTC regulations, such as no false discounting (boots regularly $50, now just $29)
  3. Good customer service (no questions asked return policy within 14 days of delivery, keep stock in displayed items, etc.)
  4. All products must be shown in a professional manner.
  5. All Kidorable products on your site must be clearly identified with the Kidorable brand name.
  6. No substitutions with or for other brands when consumers order Kidorable products.
  7. Kidorable owns all intellectual property associated with its products, including images of those products, no matter taken by whom, including the retailer.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to any customer who sells Kidorable online without prior approval.
  9. All web pages showing Kidorable products must be approved by Kidorable.
Business name:
By clicking the signer agrees to all of the terms above and verifies all information.

Wholesale Resources

To download: Right click on a link, then click "Save As"
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We are very interested in expanding our market, and we look forward to doing business together.

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