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Fireman Rain Boots See your little hero save the day

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Firemen love to ride to the rescue. A boy in Kidorable Fireman Boots is brave and always ready to help. I'm a Fireman. What will you be?

Special features:

  • Natural rubber rain boots
  • Fun, printed cotton lining and non-slip sole
  • Full of fun Fire truck features--wheels, flames, headlights, windows, plus easy to pull on with a flame heel tab
  • Available in sizes My 1st (size 5), children’s sizes 6-13, plus young adult sizes 1-5
  • Get a matching Fireman umbrella, coat, backpack, knitwear and more!

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Review by KAREN CLARK (Posted on 5/27/2017)
Goes with the coat perfectly and love them
Review by Jane C Bergner (Posted on 11/30/2016)
Love them. They match the raincoat, scarf and hat that my grandson has.
Review by Melissa Williams (Posted on 10/27/2016)
Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide and thanks for stopping by. I’ve got some great gift ideas to share with you this holiday season so make sure to check back often. Don’t forget to see what Casey has to offer today at A Couch With A View too.

Kidorable delights both children and the adults who love them by transforming everyday, functional kids accessories into objects that excite their imaginations and enrich their lives at play.

From rainwear to backpacks to knitwear and towels, Kidorable speaks to the precious spirit of childhood.
KIdorable carries some of the cutest rain gear I have ever seen. They sell individual pieces or you can buy them, all for a whole complete rain set!

My first visit to the Kidorable site was so much fun! I had to have sat there for about 20 minutes browsing through their site and looking at all the cool stuff. Of course you all know that I am a butterfly fanatic, so the whole Butterfly Collection totally made me long for a little girl!

Kidorable Fireman Umbrella But, since I don’t have a little girl to dress up all pretty, I took a look through the stuff for boys and I just couldn’t resist this Fireman Umbrella! Isn’t it just totally cool? I think Lil Man will love it!

It’s made out of 100% Nylon and has a rounded handle that will make it easy for him to hold on to. The top of the umbrella is also rounded, so I think that will help it from popping out and folding upwards. It’s just the perfect size for him, and super stylish to take to school. I’m sure all of his little friends are just going to love it!

Kidorable also sent a pair of Fireman Rainboots for Lil Man too. I think they are just adorable! They are made out of natural rubber and are sure to keep him dry in the rain!

I know the rain isn’t the only place these boots will be used though. They’ll be good for trudging though the muddy woods with dad. In fact they will come in handy next time he goes scouting with him!

They came in a little plastic bag which I will be sure to store them in. That way, we can throw them right back inside after the woods and the car won’t get all muddy!

I just know he is going to love his rain gear as much as I do, if not more! He is going to make the cutest little fireman too!

Fireman Backpack He’ll be able to carry around his Fireman Backpack and fill it up with snacks to take along the way. Then when all the snacks are gone, he can fill it with treasures he finds in the woods, or at the park.

I really like this whole little set and I’m sure he’s going to be thrilled with it. He’ll definitely be playing in the rain and woods in style!
Review by Savannah Miller (Posted on 10/27/2016)
Okay parents I want you to envision this.... Your little one is wearing those super cute jeans you found at a great price. You know the ones that fit them just right and have the perfect shade of fading blue. Its the first cool fall morning you wake up and think to yourself its a perfect day to wear those super cute jeans. You wait until after breakfast to dress your little one.... No crumbs on these perfect jeans. You help your little one put them on and smile to yourself thinking wow I can't believe how adorable he/she looks in them. You grab your little ones back-pack and head out the front door and there it is the bane of your existence... The dreaded mud puddle. You dash forward in an attempt to avert disaster, buts its to late. Those perfect one of kind jeans now have a mud stand 2 inches up the pants leg... And to think it could have all been avoided with a pair of rain boots....

Well parents I'm happy to tell you the story above is a work of fiction :) Those perfect jeans still have the sticker on them and are hanging in my sons closet. I'm sure you can see how its possible this story can happen in the future. We have been talking about back-to-school items and today I want to talk about back-to-school rain gear. Lets face it no one wants to deal with muddy jeans. Or wet clothing. We should all have a favorite rain gear store.

My favorite rain gear site is Kidorable!
Kidorable is a cute company that makes creative and functional kid items. From raincoats, umbrellas, hats, towels and so much more! And everything is so adorable! I'm sure you already know I was able to review a pair of rain boots :)

I reviewed the Fire Man style, these boots are made of real rubber and run from sizes 5 all the way up to 2 youth. And you can get all the other accessories to match your Firemen boots!! Accessories such as hats, coats, gloves and so much more.

I love that the boots looks like a fire truck! I don't think any other child in my sons class is going to have rain boots this cool. Well maybe not at first, after they see my sons I have a feeling parents are going to be asking where they can buy :).

The Fireman boots are only 1 of the themes Kidorable carries. They also have Dora, Spongebob, pirates, dinosaurs and so much more!
Keep your little ones dry this School year with Kidroable :)

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