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A Pirate Poem


I'm a Pirate 
with silver and gold

Searching the seas 
for treasure that's old

To the next island
all pirates aboard

Raise the black flag
and hand me my sword

A Kidorable adventure
with you and me

I'm a Pirate,
What will you be?

A Kidorable Pirate Play

Pirate PlaySomewhere in the ocean, there is a big boat full of dirty and smelly pirates. You may think they are dirty and smelly because they are stuck on a boat in the ocean. But even after a swim in the clean blue waters, they are still dirty. And even after a big storm rains on the pirates, they are still smelly. The pirates laugh whenever they smell themselves. 
LAUGH like a Pirate!

The pirates are loud. They speak in loud voices. And they sing in even louder voices, even though none of them are good singers. When they eat, they clang their forks and spoons around loudly. The pirates don't like to sleep but when they do, they snore very loudly. SNORE like a Pirate!

When morning comes, the orange and green parrot yells, "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" It is his job to wake up the pirates so they can begin hunting for treasure.

Most of the pirates wake up. They don't brush their teeth or wash their faces. "Raise the black flag!" a pirate yells. RAISE THE FLAG like a Pirate!

Pirate Play ParrotThe ship looks scary with the black flag. The pirates pull out their old and dusty treasure map. The map shows where a secret treasure is hidden in the ocean. The pirates argue over which direction to sail. One of the pirates says "Arrrrrrrrr!" Another pirate says "Arrrrrrrrrrrr!" A third pirate says "ARRRRRRRR!" 
SAY "ARRRRRRRRR" like a Pirate!

The pirates can't agree and give up. The parrot sees giant rocks in the ocean ahead of the ship. "Rocks!" the parrot warns.

The pirates quickly steer the wheel of the ship to avoid the rocks. 
STEER THE SHIP like a Pirate!

The ship tilts sideways and the pirates stumble around on the ship!
STUMBLE around like a Pirate!

The pirates are glad they missed the rock. They look down at the map again. The pirates don't know they have been reading it upside-down for a week. They are sailing in the wrong direction!

The bright yellow sun is shining down and the pirates are hot. They decide on a swim to cool down. When they jump in the water, Mermaids in the ocean smell the stinky pirates and swim far away. The pirates don't care. SWIM like a Pirate!

The pirates see something moving in the water. A shark heard their loud voices and is swimming towards them! The pirates climb back onto the ship.
CLIMB like a Pirate!

The tired pirates relax on the deck of their ship and gaze at the stars. Maybe they'll find the treasure tomorrow...