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A Dinosaur Poem

I'm a Dinosaur
hear my fierce roar

I roamed the earth
many years before

I love my big feet
that stomp stomp stomp

I love my sharp teeth
that chomp chomp chomp

A Kidorable adventure
with you and me

I'm a Dinosaur,
What will you be?

A Kidorable Dinosaur Play

Before frogs chased ladybugs, or space heroes battled pirates, huge dinosaurs roamed the earth. They were happy dinosaurs who spent all their days playing under the blue sky and hot yellow sun. The dinosaurs especially enjoyed stomping around in giant muddy swamps.
STOMP like a Dinosuar!

They had so much fun in the mud, they never wanted to climb out. When they grew hungry, they ate in the swamps. When the sun went down, they slept in the swamps. SNORE like a Dinosaur!

They sat in the swamp for so long, their bodies were covered in mud from head to toe. The mud soon turned thick and sticky. It became hard for the dinosaurs to move. They tried shaking the mud off. SHAKE like a Dinosaur!

It did not come off. They shook themselves harder!
SHAKE AGAIN like a Dinosaur!

The mud still didn't come off! The dinosaurs became worried. They tried rolling in the grass to clean the mud off.
ROLL like a Dinosaur!

But it was still too sticky and would not come off! It was getting dark. After shaking and rolling all day, the dinosaurs were sleepy and gave up. Feeling sad, the dinosaurs fell asleep.
SNORE like a Dinosaur!

The next morning, the dinosaurs woke up to the sound of raindrops. Little drops at first, but the rain grew bigger...and louder...and bigger...and louder. It rained so much that something amazing happened. The rain washed away the mud! The dinosaurs jumped up in excitement and scrubbed the mud off as fast as they could.
SCRUB like a Dinosaur!

After furious scrubbing, they looked around. Now that the mud was gone, they saw green dinosaurs...and purple dinosaurs...and orange dinosaurs...and red dinosaurs! The dinosaurs were so happy! They danced in the rain.
DANCE like a Dinosaur!

Huge puddles formed and the dinosaurs danced and splashed each other.
SPLASH like a Dinosaur!

The rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared. The dinosaurs dried themselves off. Sitting on a hill, they stared at the rainbow while eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After they finished, the dinosaurs raced back to the swamp to splash and stomp again. This time, they would be careful not to stay too long in the mud!