Family Dance Time!

Nip your little couch potato in the bud


Kubla had been watching TV for too long. “Kubla, will you play with me?” “I want to watch TV.” “Don’t you want to play with toys?” “No, I just want to watch something.” His show

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Baby Tag

Find a way to include the little ones in big kid games


When Kubla learned to crawl, he would want to join the games of his older cousins. But it’s hard to play soccer with a baby on the field. We needed to find a new game.

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Space Trivia Duck, Duck, Goose

Kubla and I have been reading about the Solar System.  He’s in a space phase, soaking up astronomical trivia. One day we’re on the beach, taking a break from swimming. “What is the largest planet?”

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Guitar Is My Destiny

Fostering Passion with Loving Connection

Guitar Is My Destiny

Kubla loves music.  We always have music playing in our home.  He loves to find ways to make music with his toys.  For awhile, we have a family piano lesson, but it doesn’t stick. When

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Kidorable Parenting Interview

with founder of 18 Summers, Jim Sheils


  Jonathan: Welcome to Kidorable Parenting’s interview with founder of The Family Board Meeting, Jim Sheils. I’m Jonathan Domsky, blogger, parenting coach, and co-founder of Kidorable. For three years now, Jim’s been inspiring and teaching

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Maybe his butt fell asleep?

Turn frustration at other people into a game


Kubla was waiting in line for the swing. The other kid just wouldn’t get off. He asks politely if he could have a turn. The other kid ignores him. I try to convince my boy

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