Sweet tokens

How our family avoids 700 fights a year

Extreme close-up image of chocolate chips cookies

“I want a cookie” “No. Not before lunch.” Now louder, and whining, “I WANT A COOKIE!” Our family used to fight about sweets at least a couple times a day. Liping and I would fight

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Just squirmy enough

How a baby taught me to be a more creative, happier father


I was changing Kubla’s diaper. He was about 9 months old, extra squirmy and entirely unhelpful. I get frustrated. I try to get him to lie still, which makes him squirm even more. Later, as

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Clear the plate of someone you love

End dinner with an act of love, not with a chore

cooking and love concept - close up of heart of flour on wooden table at home

“Don’t forget to clear your plate.” Is that really how families want to end dinner? With a chore? That word, chore—makes me think of Cinderella not being able to go to the ball. What do

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