Older Kids

Do it together

Why watch your child play when you could play together?


When Kubla and I go to the park to play, we both go to the park to play. I don’t just tag along to keep him safe. I play with him and his friends (tag

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Let’s look for Mom

Get them moving and acting on their fears, instead of feeling controlled by them


As a toddler Kubla was very attached to Liping. He couldn’t bear to be away from her. Kubla and I are playing with blocks. I hear the dreaded question,“Where’s Mom?” “She’s doing some errands. She’ll

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Family Dance Time!

Nip your little couch potato in the bud


Kubla had been watching TV for too long. “Kubla, will you play with me?” “I want to watch TV.” “Don’t you want to play with toys?” “No, I just want to watch something.” His show

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Space Trivia Duck, Duck, Goose

Kubla and I have been reading about the Solar System.  He’s in a space phase, soaking up astronomical trivia. One day we’re on the beach, taking a break from swimming. “What is the largest planet?”

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Guitar Is My Destiny

Fostering Passion with Loving Connection

Guitar Is My Destiny

Kubla loves music.  We always have music playing in our home.  He loves to find ways to make music with his toys.  For awhile, we have a family piano lesson, but it doesn’t stick. When

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There’s no ‘right’ way to play

Stop reading the instructions and start kidding around


When Kubla was a toddler, he showed no interest whatsoever in stacking blocks. Knock down blocks—absolutely. Make rockets or dinosaurs with his blocks spread flat on the ground—sure. But his creations rarely get more than

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