Try harder

Kids are more capable than they and the grown-ups around them realize

Try harder

When Kubla was two years old, he thought the words for ‘Open it’ were ‘Try harder’. He would hand me a jar to open. I would hand it back and say try harder. He would

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Not learning to read

Children will learn only when they’re ready

Not learning to read

His last couple weeks in preschool, Kubla showed an avid interest in reading. He would spell out the letters on signs, license plates, anything. I declared this would be the summer he learned to read.

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Just squirmy enough

How a baby taught me to be a more creative, happier father


I was changing Kubla’s diaper. He was about 9 months old, extra squirmy and entirely unhelpful. I get frustrated. I try to get him to lie still, which makes him squirm even more. Later, as

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Baby Tag

Find a way to include the little ones in big kid games


When Kubla learned to crawl, he would want to join the games of his older cousins. But it’s hard to play soccer with a baby on the field. We needed to find a new game.

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I am not a baby’s marionette

Change the rules of the game


Like most babies, Kubla loved to drop things and make me pick them up. Like most parents, I quickly got tired of being a baby’s marionette. One day I decide to change the game. Kubla

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Is driving hard?

A lot of things are hard, until you learn how

Is driving hard

I drive Kubla’s friends home from their play date.  Their mom doesn’t have a driver’s license.  Just a learners permit. “Is driving hard?” they ask. “It’s easy when you know how.” “My mom is so

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Family kiss

Touch makes your family feel extra close

kidorable blog3

Our family invented our own special kiss. For bedtime. After a fight. Any time we want to feel extra close. Kubla and Liping both kiss my face at the same time. Then Kubla and I

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Don’t Want To

Live in a home where people do everything they can to make things nice for each other

Don't Want To

Kubla won’t fold the laundry. I sit down with him and fold a couple shirts. He plays with his socks. “Kubla, would you please help fold the clothes?” “Don’t want to.” He gets up and

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