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Retailers Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size range you carry?

Most Kidorable products are designed for children aged 2-6. Many of our products are available for babies and for children as old as 9.

Do you have a sizing chart that recommends sizes by age and by product?

Yes. Please follow the link below.

Sizing Chart

What is your minimum opening order?

Our Minimum Opening Order for new accounts is $350.00.

That's it. There are no minimums per line or style or size. If the initial order adds up to $350, it's a good order.

(To download: Right click on a link, then click "Save As")

What is your minimum reorder?

Our Minimum Reorder is $100.00.

That's it. There are no minimums per line or style or size. If the initial order adds up to $350, it's a good order.

(To download: Right click on a link, then click "Save As")

What do you mean by 'line'? What do you mean by 'style'?

At Kidorable we call different types of products 'lines', such as umbrellas, backpacks, hangers, etc. We call the various ensembles 'styles', such as ladybug, frog, lotus, etc.

Why should I buy a program instead of just choosing what I want from open stock?

Our Comprehensive Sales Programs combine our best selling lines and styles into an easy incentive package. They were conceived to specifically address the most common retailer objections:

  • I want better pricing
  • I don't pay for merchandising units
  • I don't have cash right now. I want additional dating
  • All these sizes and styles are too complicated
  • Will you take it back if it doesn't sell?

These programs make it possible for you to run more efficient departments that require less effort by selling complete, cross-merchandised, ensembles that will generate strong multiple selling opportunities and fantastic ROI.

Customers not wishing to participate in our Comprehensive Sales Programs still get our great service and can buy as few or as many of our great products as they want. However, there are no additional incentives for these customers.

Please follow the link below for more on our Sales Programs:

Sales Programs

How can I get better pricing?

Sign up for one of our sales programs. As you increase your commitment to Kidorable, Kidorable increases our commitment to you.

Sales Programs

How can I get free fixtures for my store?

At the risk of being redundant, sign up for one of our sales programs. Each program comes with free display fixtures.

Sales Programs

How can I get better terms with Kidorable?

Would you please sign up for one of our sales programs? It's the best way for you to get the most out of Kidorable.

Sales Programs

Who is the rep in my area?

Please follow the link below to find your local salesperson.

Rep Locator

Who should I contact if I need something?

Follow the link below to find your sales rep. For customer service and anything else, please call 1-800-422-9516, or email info@kidorable.com.

Rep Locator

What is your return policy?

Kidorable will accept the return of any merchandise within 7 days of delivery for any reason. If Kidorable is at fault, we will pay for return freight. If the customer is at fault, the customer will be charged for all freight costs. There are no service charges.

More than 7 days after delivery, Kidorable will only accept returns for defective merchandise. Please provide a description of the defect (soiled, missing part, etc), the 5 digit serial number, and the product name (cat umbrella, frog boot size 6, etc).

I'm a new customer. How long will it take for me to receive my first order?

First orders typically ship within 1-7 days. To expedite the process, please submit a complete Kidorable Credit Application. If you wish to pay by credit card, please include your credit card number with your order. Also, if you plan to sell Kidorable online, we will need a complete Internet Retailer Application. Follow the links below.

(To download: Right click on a link, then click "Save As")

How long will it take for me to receive a reorder?

If you are a current customer and your account is in good standing, your order should ship within 48 hours of receipt, sometimes sooner. Our standard shipping method is UPS ground. Follow the link below for a time in transit map.

(To download: Right click on a link, then click "Save As")

What shipping method do you use?

Unless otherwise specified, all orders ship UPS Ground. Freight charges are automatically added to your invoice. There are no handling fees of any kind.

For orders outside the continental US, please specify whether you prefer to ship either UPS Second Day Air or via the Post Office.

What type of credit cards do you take?

Kidorable accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

I'm a new customer. How can I establish terms with Kidorable?

Please follow the link below and submit a complete Kidorable Credit Application.

(To download: Right click on a link, then click "Save As")

Do you have images that I can use for advertisements?

Yes, follow the following link for professional ad templates.

Ad Templates

Can you explain your co-op advertising program?

Kidorable will pay up to 10% of the largest Kidorable invoice amount shipped to a customer within 30 days before the start date of an ad. Follow this link for full program details.

Kidorable Co-op Advertising Program

Do you have any promotional signage available for my store?

Yes. Click below to see our high quality, high impact posters, available for $20 each. You may download the electronic file or email us at info@kidorable.com to purchase the durable posters directly from our stock.

Kidorable Poster Downloads

Do you have any new products coming out soon?

Kidorable tries to introduce one or two new styles and one or two new lines every year. Your sales person will contact you.

Can I order just 1 pair of boots?

Our very reasonable minimum reorder is just $100. Orders for less than $100 are subject to a $30 below minimum order handling fee.

If this is too much stock for you, contact us to learn more about our Always in Stock Drop Ship Program.

I order a lot of your products. Why do I have to pay the below minimum handling fee if I need only 1 or 2 things for a special order?

Kidorable is a wholesale company. We keep our prices low so you can be as successful as possible with our products. After including labor and the cost of boxes, tape, etc., we lose money on small orders. The handling fee covers our costs so we can continue to offer you everyday low prices.

How big is the display fixture, and how much product can it hold?

Our fixture, which comes in red and natural wood, is 2.3 foot square and 7 feet high of eye catching selling space. It has 2 levels to hang products, and 3 shelves to showcase your Kidorable items. Follow the link below for fixture specs and photos of effectively merchandised Kidorable fixtures.

(To download: Right click on a link, then click "Save As")

How can I add a link from your website to my website?

There are two ways to get a link from www.kidorable.com to your website.

First, our store finder features links to our customer's websites. If you don't see your store listed, please contact us and we'll update it right away.

Second, customers who provide us with testimonials or store display pictures that we use on our website will also have a direct link next to your testimonial or store photo.

I'm concerned about product safety, such as lead contamination. What do you do to ensure Kidorable products are safe?

At Kidorable we take product safety very seriously.

We have a full-time team of quality control experts assuring that our factories meet our high standards. We also regularly test the quality of our products in internationally recognized labs for lead and other toxic substances. All Kidorable products meet or exceed all voluntary and mandatory product safety standards.

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