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Don't you wish you had a nickel for every time someone stopped you on the street and asked you where you got your traffic-stopping, imagination-inspiring Kidorable ensemble? How about if you had $20 instead? You can, with Kidorable's Refer a Friend program.

It's easy. Just type in your friends' (or a nice stranger-it doesn't really matter) e-mail addresses below, and we'll take care of the rest. Your friends will receive an email with a free 10% coupon towards their first order with us. Better yet, the minute they place their first order, we'll email you a $20 Kidorable Gift Certificate*. (How does this work?)

So how does the referral system work?

It's easy - when we send out referrals to your friends, we give each of them a unique 10% discount coupon code. When making their first purchase, as long as your friend uses the email address you give us below or the unique coupon code we send, you will automatically get your $20 gift certificate (sent to the email you give us below). Either of these two actions will trigger a referral credit in your name.

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*Referring party and recipient of the referral offer cannot be the same household to qualify for this offer. Not valid with other offers.)