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Kidorable covered by Hudson's Magazine:

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By Janet Muniz, Hudson's Magazine


Retailers Like Kidorable

Kidorable is a fun and functional brand of products that has been delighting children-and anyone who loves them for more than 10 years. The brainchild of Liping Yang and Jonathan Domsky, parent company ZM International Inc. is also the darling of children's retailers, thanks in part to a five-year-old Retailer Protection Program, which includes a Buy Back Program - now in its third year, and a Fresh Program, launched in 2010, which lets retailers continuously rotate the store's inventory and rejuvenate margins with a 5% discount on all orders. "Each quarter they can return whichever styles they wish to retire, and replenish new styles to their store without ever getting stuck with product they can't sell at full price," president Jonathan Domsky says. These strong initiatives keep retailers from being stuck with slow moving merchandise, always showing new product without ever having to mark any of it down. Actually, Johnathan guarantees retailers will be profitable with these programs from Kidorable.

Headquartered in Niles, IL USA, the privately held company employs about 40 full-time people at its 31,000-squarefoot facility and a satellite office in China. Kidorable serves 15 distributors and 5,000 retailers worldwide. "Ninety percent of our customers are independent apparel, gift or shoe stores, but we are successful everywhere from zoo gift shops to florists," Jonathan says. "Kidorable is a crossover brand that sells well in nearly any store that caters to people who love children. And our products do sell very well for the vast majority of our retailers."

Just log on to Along with an ecommerce site, the company offers a comprehensive wholesale site that helps retailers with anything relating to Kidorable. Really, anything! Learn how to become a retailer, find a rep, review the sales programs, give feedback, download forms, artwork, logos and coop ads, see the company's history, read customer testimonials, take a survey - even offer up your own product ideas. The site is written with the retailer in mind, thoroughly explained and presented in a manner that gives insight into what Kidorable is all about: a creative, popular brand offering valuable service that doesn't waste a retailer's time, and promising real profit solutions.

But don't take my word for it. Right here, right now, Jonathan shares his personal point of view on Kidorable.

Our designs excite a child's imagination.
Kidorable invented the niche of fun, practical, unique children's accessories - everyday products that all kids need, with the added value of play. Straddling practicality and play with ingenuity, Kidorable exemplifies this market shift.

We believe in our products.
Our research proves Kidorable is the most profitable brand in our space for retailers of children's products. We offer them a wide variety of sales programs that remove all risk for the businesses we work with, and guarantee our customers will make money with our products. So Kidorable retailers don't need to worry that they will be stuck with product that doesn't sell.

Our business model is different.
Most of the other companies in our industry chase fashion, reinventing their product catalog each season. Some of these new products sell well, and some won't; the proof comes with end-ofseason markdowns. Kidorable is different. We don't experiment on our customers. We create classic designs that never go out of style, and every style in our catalog is a proven seller.

We make things easy for our retailers.
Our business is built around removing retailer risk. In addition to the Retailer Protection that comes with our sales programs, nearly everything we carry is in stock and ships the next business day. We have low minimum orders. When you call us, a real human being answers the phone to serve you with warmth and care. And our consumer brand-building efforts mean that consumers seek out Kidorable. We drive traffic and sales to our retailers.

I Want That!
One more thing: the collections are adorable; dare I say, "kidorable"! Synonymous with high quality, Kidorable product lines include umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots, knitwear, embroidered shirts, towels, sun hats, backpacks, hangers and bookends. "Our newest product is our ballerina style that comes in sweet pinks and purples with friendly ballerinas dancing across each piece," Jonathan says. "Ruffles and sparkles add bling to the umbrella. Ribbons are raised from the boots just like real ballet shoes. On the backpack, a beautiful ballerina dances across a 3-D stage that girls can play with. On the raincoat, a tutu hem in alternating pinks and a rose detail on the hood are also a special touch."

From frogs to fairies, dinosaurs to dolphins, and ladybugs to lotus flowers, the Kidorable brand not only enriches a child's life with everyday fun, but adds something special to the vendor-retailer relationship - the Midas touch.

Retailers say:

"The Kidorable display is very attractive in our family shoe store."
-Tilton and Sons Shoes, Tecumseh MI

"Kids love the various characters to choose from."
-Lil' Step Boutique, Brooklyn NY

"I was first attracted to the Kidorable Fresh Program for the discount. But the main benefit is that it provides a sense of freshness or newness to the store that customers enjoy seeing."
-O' Child, Bloomington IN

"Customers smile and - without hesitation - pick up a piece. Who doesn't know a child who wouldn't want a ladybug, frog, dinosaur or flower accessory?"
-Fireworks Gallery, Seattle WA

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