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Kidorable Fact Sheet

Kidorable, a leading designer and wholesaler of children's products, transforms everyday, functional kids' apparel and accessories into objects that excite children's imaginations and enrich their lives at play. Kidorable is distinguished by their high quality, unique collections - from frogs to fairies, dinosaurs to dolphins, and ladybugs to lotus flowers - sold at apparel, shoe and gift retailers across the globe.

With 300 million Americans who have small children, know small children, act like small children, or are themselves small children, Kidorable's fun, practical and colorful product lines are highly sought after, increasing consumer traffic and sales for retailers. Kidorable product lines include umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots, knitwear, embroidered shirts, towels, sun hats, backpacks, hangers and bookends.

Founders Liping Yang and Jonathan Domsky brought life to traditional children's apparel and accessories starting with lions, cats, frogs and bears in 1997. Immediately embraced by children, parents, and other child-loving adults, Kidorable celebrated over a decade of continuous growth.

Kidorable is headquartered in suburban Chicago, with distribution across the country and around the world. Parties interested in becoming a Kidorable retailer or distributor may learn more on our wholesale site.

About Kidorable

  • Privately held company
  • Legal Name: ZM International Inc., dba Kidorable
  • Satellite office in China
  • 40 full-time employees
  • Serves 15 distributors and 5,000 retailers across the globe

Kidorable Timeline:

1997—Jonathan Domsky and Liping Yang invent the niche of fun, practical unique children's accessories with the creation of ZM International, Inc. from their efficiency apartment in Evanston, Illinois

1998—The company's basic business model is formed. They hire the company's first employees, first independent sales reps, sign up distributors in the UK and in Australia. New international distributors are added every year hereafter

1999—Kidorable ships to its 1000th retailer

2000—Kidorable ships to its 2000th retailer

2002—Kidorable® is launched as a trademark worldwide. The company moves out of leasing hell and into its own 31,000 square foot building in Niles, Illinois

2005—Satellite office opens in China. Partner with new distributors in Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Kidorable is now available on every populated continent

2006—Kidorable unveils the Retailer Protection Program, which guarantees retailers will be profitable with Kidorable

2007—The company celebrates 10 years of uninterrupted growth. is greatly expanded and improved for our retailers

2008—Kidorable introduces the Buy Back Program, so retailers are never stuck with slow moving merchandise

2009—The company launches direct to consumer ecommerce site on and engages fans on Facebook and Twitter. The Kidorable Challenge proves that Kidorable is the most profitable brand for retailers in its space

2010—Kidorable introduces the margin-protecting Fresh Program so retailers can always show new product, without ever having to mark anything down

2015??—The best is yet to come. Kidorable boots walk on the moon