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The Kidorable Catalog

For your convenience, this page lists every single item currently available in the Kidorable catalog on a single page, in alphabetical order.
Ballerina Ensemble Ballerina Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Ballerina Knit Hat Ballerina Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Ballerina Rain Coat Ballerina Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Ballerina Scarf Ballerina Scarf Price: $14.50
Ballerina Umbrella Ballerina Umbrella Price: $18.00
Bear Knit Hat Bear Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Bear Knit Mittens Bear Knit Mittens Price: $14.50
Bear Knitwear Set Bear Knitwear Set Price: $43.50
Bear Scarf Bear Scarf Price: $14.50
Bear Umbrella Bear Umbrella Price: $18.00
Bee Hanger Set Bee Hanger Set Price: $14.00
Bee Knit Mittens Bee Knit Mittens Price: $10.15
Bee Rain Boots Bee Rain Boots Price: $28.00
Bee Sun Hat Bee Sun Hat Price: $9.10
Bee Umbrella Bee Umbrella Price: $18.00
Butterfly Backpack Butterfly Backpack Price: $28.00
Butterfly Ensemble Butterfly Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Butterfly Knit Hat Butterfly Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Butterfly Rain Coat Butterfly Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Butterfly Scarf Butterfly Scarf Price: $14.50
Butterfly Sun Hat Butterfly Sun Hat Price: $9.10
Butterfly Towel Butterfly Towel Price: $40.00
Butterfly Umbrella Butterfly Umbrella Price: $18.00
Cat Hanger Set Cat Hanger Set Price: $14.00
Cat Rain Boots Cat Rain Boots Price: $20.30
Christmas Knit Hat Christmas Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Christmas Scarf Christmas Scarf Price: $14.50
Clowns Hanger Set Clowns Hanger Set Price: $24.00
Cow Hanger Set Cow Hanger Set Price: $14.00
Cow Knit Gloves Cow Knit Gloves Price: $10.15
Cow Scarf Cow Scarf Price: $8.05
Cow Sun Hat Cow Sun Hat Price: $9.10
Critters Hanger Set Critters Hanger Set Price: $17.00
Dancers Bookends Dancers Bookends Price: $30.00
Dancers Hanger Set Dancers Hanger Set Price: $17.00
Dinosaur Backpack Dinosaur Backpack Price: $28.00
Dinosaur Ensemble Dinosaur Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Dinosaur Hanger Set Dinosaur Hanger Set Price: $20.00
Dinosaur Knit Hat Dinosaur Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Dinosaur Rain Boots Dinosaur Rain Boots Price: $35.00
Dinosaur Rain Coat Dinosaur Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Dinosaur Scarf Dinosaur Scarf Price: $14.50
Dinosaur Towel Dinosaur Towel Price: $40.00
Dinosaur Umbrella Dinosaur Umbrella Price: $18.00
Dog Hanger Set Dog Hanger Set Price: $14.00
Dog Umbrella Dog Umbrella Price: $18.00
Dolphin Hanger Set Dolphin Hanger Set Price: $14.00
Dolphin Rain Boots Dolphin Rain Boots Price: $20.30
Dolphin Sun Hat Dolphin Sun Hat Price: $9.10
Dolphin T-Shirt Dolphin T-Shirt Price: $14.00
Dolphin Umbrella Dolphin Umbrella Price: $18.00
Dora the Explorer Ensemble Dora the Explorer Ensemble Price: $106.00 $95.40
Dragon Knight Ensemble Dragon Knight Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Dragon Knight Scarf Dragon Knight Scarf Price: $14.50
Elephant Bookends Elephant Bookends Price: $30.00
Elephant Umbrella Elephant Umbrella Price: $18.00
Fairy Backpack Fairy Backpack Price: $28.00
Fairy Ensemble Fairy Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Fairy Hanger Set Fairy Hanger Set Price: $20.00
Fairy Knit Hat Fairy Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Fairy Knit Mittens Fairy Knit Mittens Price: $14.50
Fairy Knitwear Set Fairy Knitwear Set Price: $43.50
Fairy Rain Boots Fairy Rain Boots Price: $35.00
Fairy Rain Coat Fairy Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Fairy Scarf Fairy Scarf Price: $14.50
Fairy Towel Fairy Towel Price: $40.00
Fairy Umbrella Fairy Umbrella Price: $18.00
Fireman Backpack Fireman Backpack Price: $28.00
Fireman Ensemble Fireman Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Fireman Hanger Set Fireman Hanger Set Price: $20.00
Fireman Knit Gloves Fireman Knit Gloves Price: $14.50
Fireman Knit Hat Fireman Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Fireman Rain Boots Fireman Rain Boots Price: $35.00
Fireman Rain Coat Fireman Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Fireman Scarf Fireman Scarf Price: $14.50
Fireman Towel Fireman Towel Price: $40.00
Fireman Umbrella Fireman Umbrella Price: $18.00
Frog Backpack Frog Backpack Price: $28.00
Frog Ensemble Frog Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Frog Hanger Set Frog Hanger Set Price: $20.00
Frog Knit Hat Frog Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Frog Knit Mittens Frog Knit Mittens Price: $14.50
Frog Knitwear Set Frog Knitwear Set Price: $43.50
Frog Rain Boots Frog Rain Boots Price: $35.00
Frog Rain Coat Frog Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Frog Scarf Frog Scarf Price: $14.50
Frog Towel Frog Towel Price: $40.00
Frog Umbrella Frog Umbrella Price: $18.00
Giraffe Bookends Giraffe Bookends Price: $30.00
Girls Knit Gloves Girls Knit Gloves Price: $14.50
Girls Knit Hat Girls Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Girls Knitwear Set Girls Knitwear Set Price: $43.50
Girls Scarf Girls Scarf Price: $14.50
Hearts Knit Gloves Hearts Knit Gloves Price: $14.50
Hearts Knit Hat Hearts Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Hearts Knitwear Set Hearts Knitwear Set Price: $43.50
Hearts Scarf Hearts Scarf Price: $14.50
Ladybug Backpack Ladybug Backpack Price: $28.00
Ladybug Bookends Ladybug Bookends Price: $30.00
Ladybug Ensemble Ladybug Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Ladybug Hanger Set Ladybug Hanger Set Price: $20.00
Ladybug Knit Hat Ladybug Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Ladybug Rain Boots Ladybug Rain Boots Price: $35.00
Ladybug Rain Coat Ladybug Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Ladybug Scarf Ladybug Scarf Price: $14.50
Ladybug Towel Ladybug Towel Price: $40.00
Ladybug Umbrella Ladybug Umbrella Price: $18.00
Lion Umbrella Lion Umbrella Price: $18.00
Lotus Flower Ensemble Lotus Flower Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Lotus Flower Scarf Lotus Flower Scarf Price: $14.50
Lotus Flower Towel Lotus Flower Towel Price: $40.00
Lucky Cat Backpack Lucky Cat Backpack Price: $28.00
Lucky Cat Ensemble Lucky Cat Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Lucky Cat Rain Coat Lucky Cat Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Lucky Cat Towel Lucky Cat Towel Price: $40.00
Lucky Cat Umbrella Lucky Cat Umbrella Price: $18.00
Mermaid Backpack Mermaid Backpack Price: $28.00
Mermaid Ensemble Mermaid Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Mermaid Hanger Set Mermaid Hanger Set Price: $20.00
Mermaid Knit Gloves Mermaid Knit Gloves Price: $14.50
Mermaid Knit Hat Mermaid Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Mermaid Rain Boots Mermaid Rain Boots Price: $35.00
Mermaid Rain Coat Mermaid Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Mermaid Scarf Mermaid Scarf Price: $14.50
Mermaid Towel Mermaid Towel Price: $40.00
Mermaid Umbrella Mermaid Umbrella Price: $18.00
Noah Knit Gloves Noah Knit Gloves Price: $14.50
Noah's Ark Knit Hat Noah's Ark Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Noah's Ark Scarf Noah's Ark Scarf Price: $14.50
Panda Umbrella Panda Umbrella Price: $18.00
Pirate Backpack Pirate Backpack Price: $28.00
Pirate Ensemble Pirate Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Pirate Hanger Set Pirate Hanger Set Price: $20.00
Pirate Knit Gloves Pirate Knit Gloves Price: $14.50
Pirate Knit Hat Pirate Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Pirate Knitwear Set Pirate Knitwear Set Price: $43.50
Pirate Rain Boots Pirate Rain Boots Price: $35.00
Pirate Rain Coat Pirate Rain Coat Price: $45.00
Pirate Scarf Pirate Scarf Price: $14.50
Pirate Towel Pirate Towel Price: $40.00
Pirate Umbrella Pirate Umbrella Price: $18.00
Sheep Knit Gloves Sheep Knit Gloves Price: $14.50
Sheep Knit Hat Sheep Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Sheep Knitwear Set Sheep Knitwear Set Price: $43.50
Sheep Scarf Sheep Scarf Price: $14.50
Space Hero Backpack Space Hero Backpack Price: $28.00
Space Hero Ensemble Space Hero Ensemble Price: $98.00 $88.20
Space Hero Knit Hat Space Hero Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Space Hero Scarf Space Hero Scarf Price: $14.50
Space Hero Towel Space Hero Towel Price: $40.00
Space Hero Umbrella Space Hero Umbrella Price: $18.00
Spider Umbrella Spider Umbrella Price: $12.60
SpongeBob SquarePants Ensemble SpongeBob SquarePants Ensemble Price: $106.00 $95.40
Sports Bookends Sports Bookends Price: $30.00
Sports Hanger Set Sports Hanger Set Price: $17.00
Sports Knit Gloves Sports Knit Gloves Price: $14.50
Sports Knit Hat Sports Knit Hat Price: $14.50
Sports Knitwear Set Sports Knitwear Set Price: $43.50
Sports Scarf Sports Scarf Price: $14.50
Zebra Umbrella Zebra Umbrella Price: $18.00