Like looking in a mirror

Do you like what you see?


The last few days, Kubla makes a new friend on the playground. We like the parents, too. They invite our family over for dinner. They live on a 3rd floor walk-up. The kids are a

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How many times did you fall today?

If you aren’t falling, you aren’t trying hard enough


Kubla is learning to ice-skate. He hobbles back from the first class with bruised knees. I give him a little hug. “What happened? Did you have fun?” “Yeah, but I fell.” “How many times?” “Three.”

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It makes me sad

When you push away the people who love you most

It makes me sad

We seem to be having a good time. Until we aren’t anymore. We’re halfway through the 3rd story book. The cuddling is over. He covers the words with his hands so I can’t read them.

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What kind of kid never gets hurt?

Forget the pain and rejoin the fun

What kind of kid never gets hurt

Kubla chases the ball. He falls. He scrapes his knee. Tears. Kisses. A band-aid. He’s not quite ready to rejoin the action. “Kubla, do you know what kind of kids never get hurt?” He knows

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kidorable blog-little prince

Kubla and I finish watching the movie, The Little Prince. We had recently read the book together, too. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a new story that takes place when the narrator is

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Kidorable Parenting Interview

with Rick Sapio, Creator of the Family Placemat


    I’ve been learning from Rick Sapio for over a decade. I know no one more passionate about family, rituals, and entrepreneurship. Today, Rick shares his story with Kidorable Parenting. Jonathan: Welcome to Kidorable

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Family kiss

Touch makes your family feel extra close

kidorable blog3

Our family invented our own special kiss. For bedtime. After a fight. Any time we want to feel extra close. Kubla and Liping both kiss my face at the same time. Then Kubla and I

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Stop crying and play nice

Take a break and calm down before rejoining the action


The toddler play date is getting a little heated. I scoop Kubla up and take him away from the action before things spiral out of control. He cries, “The other boy isn’t sharing! He took

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